Machine Vision & Artificial Intelligence for Beauty and Healthy Longevity
The first international beauty contest judged by Artificial Intelligence.
Wrinkle analysis app.
Photographic Aging Clock in Mice.
A think tank for inclusive Artificial Intelligence.
About Youth Laboratories
Youth Laboratories is a big data analytics company, specializing in processing digital images and videos to develop diseases biomarkers and to evaluate the physical well-being of a human and lifestyle. We are harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence to slow down or even reverse age-associated changes starting from the first frontier – human skin.
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Over 20 full-time & part-time employees worldwide.
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Contests, hackathons and resources for aging biomarker development. Images, blood tests, tissue samples, clinical parameters, and many other data types will be used in regular competitions. Join the AGENET Facebook Group and use #AGENET and #SKINHACK in social networks when participating in AGENET events.
SkinHack 1.0 hackathon is intended to engage algorithm developers in Eastern Europe in a very important problem: recognizing and analyzing imperfections of the human skin. It will transpire at Skoltech, one of Russia's newest and most innovative universities modeled after MIT in collaboration with MIT.
Areas of technology such as Big Data or the Internet of Things (IoT) are currently making exponential progress that will fundamentally change the world of tomorrow. IoT (internet of things) is transforming the world and we are constantly being monitored by a growing number of smart devices. Research and development in this area will lead to improvment of personalized medicine and bring advancements in everyone's lifestyle approach.
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